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A Peaceful Sleep

Nothing is left in meNothing is there in me I am just a piece of flesh I dont know What is happening with me Why I am losing everything Things are leaving on a bad note I am there figuring out what is wrong I have lost so much I have nothing left in me Except Broken Friendships Broken heart Broken relationships I dont know Will anybody accept me Will my family accept me Will my friends accept me Will my world accept me I am harming myself everyday I want to stop all this I try to end all this I try to run from all this I know I was at the fault It was my mistakes It was my blunders It was my immaturity It was my sin
I have done nothing for my family I have achieved nothing in life I have not made my brothers dream come true I have not made my sister proud of me I have never been good at anything I have never did something for them I have never made my friends happy I have done nothing for anyone
Thinking all this I am going no where I try to write about it I try to read about it I am regretting everything Everytime
Everyday …
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New Girl In Town

Ten years ago
In the scorching heat
Of July month
I met her for the first time

I saw her from a distance
My heart wanted to approach her
But Oh my introvert nature
Stopped me

She was there standing
In neat tidy uniform
Her eyes were beautiful
Her black eyes were shinning bright
Her face was glowing
Her hair were tied up
Her rainbow smile

She was having backpack on her shoulders
Her plait tied up with black rubber band
She entered the room with
Happiness flowing with every step

Surprisingly she came near to me
Looked and went away
Leaving behind
Her million dollar smile
Stamped in my heart forever

After day or two
I interacted with her
She left me speechless
Her way of talking filled me with joy

For years
I was alone without much friends
Suddenly I got a new friend
Unexpectedly we became friends

Embarking a new journey
Of life-long friendship
Of the purest form of love

We exchanged numbers
Within weeks
We were good friends

She made me understand the meaning of
Being friends…


On a lonely sunday morning
I wake up early to meet you
For the one last time
Before I am carried away

I check my little letter box
To see if there is any letter from you
Nay it's not
Wait for some time
I console my little heart

I force myself to
Have a perfect mug of coffee
In my favourite coffee mug
For one last time

Nothing makes me happy
Today books too fail to understand me
My pen too is shaking
Weather is also helpless

I am a lost soul
I curse myself for all the regrets
I look around for the things
To harm myself again

One year back
I wanted to run away
Sadly was stopped
Eleven years back
I wanted to kill myself
Unfortunately was saved

I wasn't close to anybody
All my life
I was alone
I never had anyone

Friends I never had
Family I wasn't close to
Happiness lied in me
Loneliness I loved

Introvert I was always
I never shared my problems my feelings with
I wasn't like others
Sharing their problems
I don't want to be a burden on you all
I hate sharing my …

An Ode To Truth

O you mighty spirit
Embrace me tightly
With all your great power
Accept me with all my flaws
Flaws which turned to sins
Take me with you
Where there is 'peace'
Allow me once to stay at your place
Believe me I won't change my place
I am in love with your place
I want to speak my heart to you
As I don't have none
I trust in you
I believe in you
You are the one
For whom
I wait for
I long for
Come soon
Bring all my sorrows to an end
Welcome me wholeheartedly
As I make arrangements silently
To reach your place
Here I come
To enjoy the ultimate truth of life
I look at you
I surrender myself to you
With happiness
Take my soul with you
Take my immature heart and mind with you
Take everything from me
I am happy to be in your home
Waiting for truth to take me
Away from this world
Away from my sinful world
I am waiting for you with a smile
To start a new journey to eternity.


O you
Why don't you leave me
I hate you
Whenever I try to go away from you
You come to me
Saving me again
In some form or the other

O you
What should I do to make you understand
Everything is over
I have lost everything
I don't have nothing

O you
How should I tell you that
I never had anyone
I have no friends to share
My family doesn't understand it
I am an introvert and will always be

For me it's difficult to share my problems
Moreover I never had anyone too
It's my mistake that
I forgot that they are much busy

Nothing is left
I can't do much
Everything is done
Everything is over for me
I can't bear all this now

It pains my heart
To see my shattered life
I accept that it is because of me
That's why I can't be more patient

Yes I am not that strong
Like my grandmother
Like my mother
Like my sister
I don't know why I am not

I am not that "mature"
I am an "attention seeker"
I am an "immature" person
I am a "cryin…

One Last Time

The sun is glowing
The stream is flowing
The wind is blowing
The rainbow is smiling
The birds are resting

The flowers are blooming
Some yellow
Some golden
Some white

The blooming flowers are dancing
roses to name a few

I see him
I see him happy
I see him beaming with joy
I see a small kid with dreams so big

I walk on the grass
The due drops falling
Making the green grass

I see her
I see her smile
Seeing the love of her life
Sitting with him making
her eyes gleam with joy

I see a group of friends
Chuckling laughing
Spending the best time
Making wonderful memories to cherish

I see working people
Carrying heavy bags
With a heavy heart
Tired too tired to love life

I see ducks swimming
Sweet little ducks in a line
Followed by the mum duck
Quacking seeing me
I guess

Turning around
I see frogs watching me
From a little distance

I see grandpa and grandma
Living their life once again
Playing with their grandchildren
Being a kid again

Far away behind those

The Last Wait

O my lost friend
Come back to me
For HIS sake

Everyday I wait for your message
Hoping to see a message from you
I keep my phone with me always

I wait for your calls
I keep staring at my phone for hours
Waiting for your call

Seeing your​ name in my phone
Makes me feel better
Makes me feel happy

Reading our chats again
Reading our emails again
Reading our messages

I smile like an idiot
Words playing in my mind
Like a sweet melodious song

Seeing you online
I type paragraphs
I type my heart out

Just before sending it
Backspace button does it's work
For me

I want to tell you so much
I want to hear from you
about you
about your work

I want you to be with me
Like those days when we were friends

We are still friends
Yet somewhere
I see things becoming sad

I think about you
I miss you
I long for you

Divided by distance
Not geographically
But unseen unheard differences

When I write
I remember your advices
I make it better

I see my parents
Always asking about you
What should I tell them